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Not much to update at this point. I haven’t made progress in a couple of weeks. Going to my rehab physician tomorrow so we’ll see what he has to say. My main concerns are vision and balance but I can’t detect improvement during the past two weeks. And I’m losing hair like crazy! I don’t feel terribly stressed, so I’m thinking the stress is showing up in hair loss. I am still watching lots of movies. I’ve seen the following:
On the Waterfront – I think that’s the first movie I’ve seen starring Marlon Brando. He is an amazing actor.
Maze Runner – Pretty good, very engaging, and needs a sequel.
Alexander and the Very Bad Day – Laughed out loud. Fun family movie.
Meet the Mormons – Much better than I expected. It’s like a documentary but focused on interesting personal/family stories.I liked it.
Saint Vincent – A downer until the last couple minutes. Not sure I’d recommend it, although Bill Murray did a great job.
My friend brought over a bunch more DVD’s so I’ll have more movies to report on. Hopefully I will stay busy and won’t have time to watch movies!



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