2 Naps and More Dancing

Sleepiness hit me hard again today, as it does most days. I decided that instead of fighting it I would give in to it. So instead of my one meditation session (OK, you could also call it a nap session), I took two. Then I took a shower and listened to my Spotify music for about an hour. Oldies bring back memories, don’t they? Every song elicited different images in my head. It just reaffirmed that I’ve had a great life. Dance on!

One thought on “2 Naps and More Dancing

  1. what an interesting journey you are on….one wonders the why and wherefore of each of these events…….I tend to always want to know the why rather than to just live the moment.

    I hunkered down this afternoon…was so cold and read a novel…when did I last do that? Making pauses in the day of my life gives me pause to consider…why have I not done this?

    Age brings wisdom…or so I think….!!

    Thanks for sharing your journey


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