This Week’s Guest Host

Bonnie Jensen

Bonnie Jensen did a great job this week as my guest host.

Bonnie is the founder and owner of, a business dedicated to helping women get everything in their lives done faster, easier, and with less stress.  Bonnie is a wife, mother, and grandmother with 25 years experience as a nurse and educator.

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This Week’s Guest is You

Have you had a healing experience that was outside the mainstream medical model? Call me from 10 – 11 AM Mountain Time on Wednesday October 6 and share your story. Perhaps you used a specific product and had amazing results. Or went to an alternative practitioner and found the answer to your health dilemma. Or you changed your attitude and changed your health. What healing secrets, large or small have you discovered in your journey to wellbeing? Let’s share and learn together. Call me at 801-224-1414.