Holistic Nurse Certification Preparation Course

photo (2)I ┬áhad such a great time at Phoenix Institute of Holistic Medicine and Acupuncture teaching a holistic nursing certification preparation course. There were 11 “superhero” nurse there that were dedicated, authentic and awesome leaders. We talked about self-care and we gave each other a great back rub. So relaxing! Thanks to all who participated. You are making a difference in the world.

Foot Zoning

Ion CleanseI just had a wonderful relaxing treatment at Rejuvenating Soles by foot zoner Jenni Orton in Salt Lake City. It started with an ionic cleanse. It looks like a foot bath, but it somehow pulls toxins out of my body and into the water. The water turned brown, which meant my liver was detoxing. After the foot cleanse, Jenni rubbed my feet on specific meridian points, using massage and essential oils and intuition. It was wonderful. I was especially interested in something to help my sinuses, and sure enough my sinus pressure points were tender. She talked to me about the metaphor of sinus congestion, which is that something or someone in irritating me. We had a long conversation about it and she gave me some great ideas on how to work on issues that may be blocking my sinuses. I do believe that not all physical ailments have their root cause is the physical world. In the case of my sinuses, I think there is a spiritual/emotional issue that I need to deal with. To sum up, foot zoning for me was kind of like therapy and foot massage all rolled up in one awesome, relaxing experience. If you want to try this, you can contact Jenni at www.RejuvenatingSoles.com.