Today’s MRI revealed no brain swelling. Yippee!!! It was an interesting adventure. I took 1 and a half Ativan tablets to help me fight the claustrophobia I get with an MRI and it DID NOT WORK. Thank goodness for the  Michael Jackson music that was played. I couldn’t have done it without Michael. Generally Ativan knocks me out and I have no memory of the MRI. Not this time; I was awake the whole time. I felll asleep on the way home and now that it is about 8:00 at night I am barely awake and the Ativan is doing its job. Fun!!
After the MRI I visited my neurosurgeon and he was very happy with my brain.He thinks I should do more, like drive a car. So I am going to drive in the church parking lot tomorrow. If I were  you I would avoid the church parking lot  tomorrow.


I went to an ophthalmologist yesterday at the Moran Eye Center. He discovered that my right eye was “over corrected” by my glasses so he gave me a new prescription. So I should be able to see a little bit better when the new lens comes in. That will be nice. He also referred me to a neuro ophthalmologist so that person can determine if my eyes are the problem or my brain is the problem. I’m pretty sure my brain will be the problem but we’ll see. I am still seeing poorly and double vision for close-up things. Very distracting.
I want to thank my sons Brad and Sid for blogging while I have been unable to. They have great senses of humor which I will not be able to match but they kept everyone updated on my condition, which I will attempt to do.
I am still planning to return to work on Halloween. I was thinking of coming dressed as a pirate, since I already have a scar and an eye patch. We’ll see.


Hair cutWell my Occupational Therapist said it was time for me to get back on my computer so I decided I would try to blog again. Since my vision is still quite poor I had to increase the font to HUGE and I hope I make sense and don’t make too many typos. So thanks for your patience as  you read this.
Since I can’t read or see many things close up, I have spent the last couple of weeks watching lots of TV, which is out of focus but bearable. I especially like game shows – The Price is Right, Let’s Make a Deal (I love Wayne Brady), and Family Feud are my mainstays. I imagine when I get better I will never want to watch a game show again! But for now they are keeping me occupied, along with Ellen DeGeneres. I really have to watch positive shows. No murders, thanks. It;s usually hard to find something without violence. When I get better I can probably go back to watching violence like the rest of America, but for now I just can’t take any negativity.
I have learned so much from this tumor experience, and will blog about my lessons learned. The number one lesson that I am still learning is patience. I REALLY want to get back to work but healing is taking time. The number two lesson is love. I feel love coming from all directions, from family and friends and caregivers and strangers. This week my friend took me to see a movie, get a hair cut, and out to dinner. Yesterday another friend took me to my occupational therapy appointment. These are only a couple of examples. So many people have given their time and energy to me, I so appreciate it! You know who you are! Thank you thank you thank thank you. I feel loved.
– Glenda

Good Vibrations

IMG_5925As usual, Mom has improved since the last update. Today she styled her own hair without any assistance, and she also made breakfast for Pepper and herself. Normally Pepper would make their breakfast and help style her hair, so this is really an awesome day. To top it off, she even went to see a movie with one of her good friends. She cant be stopped. She grows stronger every day. At this rate she will be walking unknowingly among us, possessing the raw strength and brain power us mere mortals can only dream of (which also happens to be the current plot for the movie I, Robot 2: Electric Boogaloo). IMG_8293Dads Birthday Celebration: BEST CAKE EVER.  

She really appreciates all of the prayers and support from everyone through this entire journey. She especially loves all the positive messages and feelings surrounding her recovery. It really assists her when she hears how much she is improving every day, especially when everyone tells her they know that she is going to completely recover. Hearing her friends and family tell her that they are positive she is going to be back to 100 percent is really huge for her at this point, so please keep it coming and know it does not go unnoticed. She is hoping to be blogging her own updates within the next two weeks, so soon enough the quality in the updates (both content and grammar) will raise dramatically. Although there might be a slight downturn on the percentage of butt jokes and poop humor throughout. Knowing mom, I’m sure she will still let some slip through the crack.