Is that your hair?

I did a follow-up visit with my family physician today. The first thing he asked me: “Is that your hair?” That cracked me up and I took it as a compliment that my hair looked as good as a wig! This is the first time he has seen me since before surgery to remove the tumor and he kept telling me that I have “been through a lot.” It’s funny how those words were comforting. It tells me that I’m not being a baby and that where I am now is expected for what I have endured. He said that going back to work the end of this month would be good for me, although I will be tired. He said people are usually tired for 6 months. Today marks 3 months from surgery so I am halfway there. Yahoo!!!!

Happy Camper

Halloween was great – my husband scared the trick-or-treaters and gave out candy while I sat and watched TV. When he went trick-or-treating with the grandkids I answered the door just 3 times. Pretty relaxing night! Then on Saturday night my husband won our community chili cook-off. Again, I mostly just sat and watched. On Sunday I went to church for the third week in a row so I feel good about that. Small steps forward are what I need to focus on. For example, when I raise my eyebrows, my left eyebrow is no longer paralyzed. That’s a small thing I know but if I expect big things to happen and improve, I am disappointed. So if my left eyebrow can raise with my right one, I’m a happy camper!


I got dumped twice this week and it felt so good! First my rehab physician said he did not need to see me again because I was doing so well. Then my physical therapist said basically the same thing! Being dumped (OK: “Discharged”) by care providers gives me a clear message that I am getting better. When my rehab physician discharged me I was giddy for several hours. It was just so positive! Now if my vision and balance would get noticeable better, I would return to giddiness.