It could not have gone better today when I met with my neurosurgeon. He found a bone missing on the CT Scan. It is in the back of my eye and was removed during surgery so he could get to the tumor. He said it is extremely rare for anyone to have pulsing vision because the dura (lining of the brain) buffers the eyeball from the brain pulsations. So… he has referred me to a surgeon who specializes in working on orbits. And guess what? He has an opening tomorrow morning at 10 AM!! Yahoo! No waiting! I really thought it would be another month of waiting so I am very happy about this. I will blog again tomorrow about the specialist’s opinion. Thanks for checking in.

Energy – Day Three

JuicingWell my energy level is still approaching normal and I’m still excited about it. Today I went walking, went shopping, and cut up a boatload of fruits and vegetables for my husband to juice. Then I laid down for just a few minutes, not because I was dead tired, but because I couldn’t think of anything else to do! Well, actually I was pretty tired – I fell asleep. I am so used to being fatigued that I have nothing on my plate for when I’m almost normal. I cleaned my closet yesterday. That was very satisfying. I think I will make a “to do” list so I can refer to the list instead of wandering aimlessly around the house. I still can’t see very well but I will think of things to do that don’t take great vision. Isn’t this interesting? When I worked full-time I always had stuff to do. Now that I am home-bound I need to have stuff to do. As soon as I get the hang of this, my vision will improve and I’ll probably go back to work and have to re-adjust again. Life is an adventure. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Bring it on!