Gone to the Moon

MarsYesterday my husband Steve was scheduled for a bone scan, to see if his bladder cancer has spread to his bones. At 10 AM he was injected with some “glow in the dark” stuff, then we had 3 hours to wait until the bone scan. We decided to go on a date. We went to the Clark Planetarium and then to lunch. We had a great time exploring other planets and holding hands and letting the world drop away. Sometimes ya just need a break. Even if you have to go to another planet.

Fed Up

candy HawaiiMy husband Steve’s diabetes specialist recommended that we watch Fed Up, a documentary on Net Flix with Katie Couric. I have known for a long time that sugar is bad for me, but this film pulled out all the stops. I took up the Fed Up Challenge to go sugar free for 10 days. I have failed miserably, mainly because there is sugar in everything! (Well, and because I have low will power).  I made a taco salad but there was sugar in the salsa and in the salad dressing. I ate a Hershey bar absentmindedly. Oops!  Tonight we had steak but there was sugar in the powdered baked potatoes (Too lazy to fix real potatoes). And my kids came home from Hawaii this afternoon and brought us candy. It had coconut in it – who could resist? My resolve to go without sugar went right out the window. I am addicted! I got a cookbook called Fat Chance and I hope that will help me to use whole foods in preparing food. The cool thing here is that it is not the best news for my husband to be diagnosed with diabetes, but we have learned a lot about good nutrition and exercise. So once again, our challenges become learning opportunities. Cool.

Loose Change

dimeThings change fast around here. Or as my husband Steve says, “Life turns on a dime.” Not sure exactly what that means… Anyway, I took Steve for his third round of chemotherapy this morning. While he was receiving his “prehydration” bag of IV fluid, his oncologist came in and said his urinalysis showed infection and it would be too risky to do the chemotherapy. Chemo decreases the immune system and that could cause the infection to worsen. Chemo has been cancelled and Steve will go to the bladder surgeon to schedule the removal of his bladder and prostate. So next week will be an adventure: Monday – Bone scan. Tuesday – CT scan. Wednesday – see the bladder surgeon. Friday – see the oncologist. That’s the plan anyway. It could “turn on a dime” depending on how Steve is feeling. So we’ll just stay open to the possibilities, like loose change. (OK that was corny).

Social Work

Tai Chi UniformsSo much going on this week. This afternoon I actually thought today was Monday instead of Wednesday! This morning My husband Steve had his brain MRI at 7 AM. Then we went out for breakfast. Then to the diabetes clinic where he learned all about diet and exercise and  how to poke his own finger. Then to lunch and a few errands. Steve felt great all day, which is very unusual. He even mowed the lawn this afternoon, without my permission of course! When we arrived home we meditated for about a half hour. Very rejuvenating. Then I went to Tai Chi this evening. I love it. It is moving meditation. I get physical, spiritual, social and mental exercise. It’s very grounding and healing. I go to class 3 days a week and hope I can stay on schedule. It’s a lot to learn, but that’s what I’m here for. Although I posted a picture here of another student and myself holding swords, I really don’t use a sword yet.

I’m realizing that socializing with other people is very healing for me, and is a good stress reliever. I am making friends at Tai Chi and there’s just something about getting to know new people. They are so supportive and welcoming. And last night I went to Relief Society (a women’s meeting at church) and being with other women just built me up. Two of my friends walked me home and we laughed and laughed. So light-hearted and uplifting. And now we have a big plan to go see Donny Osmond in September. Can it get any better than that??

What TO DO with a TO DO list

Steve at ACCYesterday morning my husband Steve’s oncologist called and asked how he was doing. I said he was lousy, had a fever, nausea and weakness. She set up an appointment for him at the Acute Care Clinic at the Huntsman Center, so off we went. We arrived at 11:30 and finally left at 5:00. Basically we just sat all day. They did several tests but did not discover the reason Steve’s urinary tract infection is still going on. Now we are waiting for results of his urine culture, to see if another antibiotic will work better than the one he’s taking now.

Before we left for the Huntsman Center, I wrote a long TO DO list with 8 items on it. For a moment when we first arrived, I thought about all I needed to do that would not get done. But then I figured that could all wait. There was really no hurry, so I just had to let the TO DO list turn into an IT WILL GET DONE WHEN IT GETS DONE list.  That felt a lot better. My TO DO list for yesterday was just to sit and hold down the chair and look at magazines. I was really very good at that.