The Martian

MartianMy husband Steve has been having a lot of pain and nausea and drowsiness. We bought tickets to see The Martian yesterday and it looked like he wouldn’t make it. But he rallied at the last minute and went for it. There was a lot to learn in the movie, like how we can solve any problem if we just have faith and patience. And the importance of relationships, and never giving up. And how we can do hard things. It was nice to get out and change the scenery for us, and just escape into the plot for a few hours. And this is hard to say, but the tagline of the movie, BRING HIM HOME speaks to me. I hope that Steve is brought home to Heavenly Father without too much suffering. He is a good man and I sure hate to see him like this. (In the picture: Our son Brad and his wife Avery, our grandson Marlo on the right, and Steve on the left).

Steve will start radiation this week on his penis and cervical spine, to help with the pain. We can do hard things.

general conferenceI’ve been watching the General  Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although it’s fun to see a friend of mine sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, I have cried throughout the songs and the talks. It feels good to cry. I need the release. They were tears of sadness but also of joy. I cried when they talked about the importance of mothers, and about how Jesus is watching over all of us. I cried when the choir sang. I cried when one of the speakers talked about when his mom died and his dad had an experience that convinced him that she was greeted in the next life by people who loved her. That was comforting. I know Steve will be greeted by his Dad and Grandparents and other loved ones when he transitions and that gives me peace  and joy. But I’m still crying.