Proposal on the Train

I often blog about life lessons I learn on the train raveling to work. A few days ago I got ready for work and it took me awhile to decide what to wear. I put on a bright green sweater which I didn’t love but decided to be brave and wear it anyway. I got on the train and read a book. Now I know when I read for the entire trip, I don’t interact with anyone, so I don’t have the opportunity to learn a life lesson. Sometimes that’s OK because it is peaceful to just read while the world hurries by. When the train stopped I closed my book and disembarked. A man in a neon vest who had also disembarked approached me and said, “Excuse me. you’re look great! You’re beautiful.” Well that got my attention. I smiled and said thanks. Then he asked, “Are you married?” I said no, my husband died a couple of years ago. Then he said, “My wife died and I am looking for a companion. I am 62…” I could tell he wanted to know how old I was so I said “I am 64 and I am not looking for a companion.” That did not discourage him. He continued to tell me a few things about himself and said again, “I am looking for a companion.” And once again I told him that I am not. I walked away and as I left he asked, “How many kids do you have?” I held up four fingers and kept walking. And his last words were, “You’re beautiful.” I gotta say the whole encounter lifted my spirits. What’s my life lesson? Not sure, but I think I’ll call that green sweater “my lucky sweater.”

Safe Shelter

My son and his family left Atlanta ahead of Hurricane Irma and have done very well in Virginia. Having heard that things are OK in their apartment building, they are going back home tomorrow. I’m so glad they left Atlanta. It was challenging to watch The Weather Channel and see that storm headed straight for their house, and there was nothing I could do about it.
On the other hand, I haven’t heard from my daughter ever since she sent me the “I hate you” text a few weeks ago. I heard  that she might be in some trouble, and she hasn’t contacted her son lately, so I don’t know how she is doing. I don’t want to know the details because I will worry. And I’m sure I’ve heard a version of the same sad story many times before. To connect this to the hurricane, I feel like I’ve been watching a storm headed straight for my daughter, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I hope she finds a safe place for shelter.


I have spent a lot of time watching the news about Hurricane Irma approaching Florida. I was in Florida in June and am so sad to hear about the upcoming disaster in the beautiful, friendly state. I was on my way to Florida in March for a nursing conference when I got stranded in the Atlanta airport for 8 hours due to bad weather. I got a hotel and was unable to re-book my flight to Florida. So I ended up visiting my son and his family in Atlanta longer than planned. It was great. But now as I watch the Irma news, I can’t help but worry about my son and his family in Atlanta, which is close to the hurricane. Apparently the stores in Atlanta are sold out of water and gas lines are long. Tornadoes may occur. Power outages are expected. My son said he is all stocked up with provisions and I shouldn’t worry. His wife is 8 months pregnant. He has a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old. So yeah I’m going to worry until this thing is over and they’re all OK. I’m not overwhelmed with worry because the odds are that they’ll be fine. But this just reminds me how precious life is and how things can change in a heartbeat.  And how it’s easy to watch a disaster unfold in the comfort of my own home. Having someone so close to the action is in fact not very comfortable. Best wishes and prayers to everyone.

Candy Crush? Crushed!

  Last year, as I adjusted (still adjusting) to single life, I often went to Facebook to pass the time. It was a bit addictive. Whenever I was on Facebook I beat myself up for wasting precious time reading about mundane events in strangers’ lives. Occasionally I would come across one of my friends’ posts, which was worthwhile. As the presidential election got into full swing, the negativity on Facebook drove me away. I made a commitment to stop using Facebook. I just did not need that constant negative, angry input or the cussing and soft porn in my life. I achieved my goal and have not been on Facebook since the election. Well, I am sad to say that I went from Facebook to Candy Crush. No, there’s no negative, angry input in Candy Crush – it’s just fun. But I still beat myself up about it because I could be doing other, productive things. I use it as an escape, a way to let my mind go on cruise control for a while. No need to make decisions or get anything done or learn anything or grow as a person – just play Candy Crush. A stress reliever. Well, like Facebook, I have found Candy Crush to be addictive. I think about it during the day and I dream about it at night. As I play, I keep saying, “One more game and then I’ll go to bed.” or “I just want to win this one and then I’ll clean the kitchen.” I notice that when I play on the train, I am missing uplifting, inspiring conversations with fellow strangers on our way to work. I tell myself I need a break from grading papers, my mind needs a change of scenery. What seems like hours go by and I haven’t done anything. It’s like sleeping through life. Time to wake up!  So…. I did it! I deleted Candy Crush from my iPhone 10 minutes ago. I can do this! OK, to tell the truth I’ve done this before, and then I re-installed it. But this time I am blogging about it and I will NOT re-install it. Now the challenge will be what to do when I feel like playing. Will I replace it with something else that is more productive or something even stupider? What I’m really hoping for is that boredom and loneliness do not notice that I have gone cold turkey and they won’t come knocking at my door whispering, “Juicy!” or “Delicious!” and lure me back in.  I think my first step will be to make a list: Things To Do When I’m Bored or Lonely.