Hospital Bed

Yesterday the hospital bed for Steve arrived. My grandson Marlo and son Brad took down our bed and stored it in Steve’s office. It was a lot of work clearing a space in the office for a Queen sized bed, but they did it cheerfully and efficiently. While they worked new bedSteve laid in the bed where I sleep in my office. The bed is low, so Marlo and Brad had to lift him out of it when the new bed was ready to be occupied. My daughter-in-law helped me clean and organize the bedroom, and provided twin sheets and bedspread. Steve has always been big on feng shui, and I know he would appreciate it. Once Steve was in the new bed, he slept most of the day. It has an air mattress to prevent bed sores and when I asked him how it felt he said it was “interesting.” He asked me several times what the air pump was, so I knew that his mind was not fully aware. He woke up in the evening and ate dinner and talked quite a bit. It sounded like he had visited the future. He was rambling a bit about things to come. I didn’t understand a lot of what he said, but I just told him that it was OK because he understood it. He talked about the difference between men and women, and how our family needed to watch 5 movies, and how Taco Bell would be a world power. I’m not writing this to make fun of him at all, just to record how he often enters another reality, where there is no pain. I like that.

Quinn and his sister Eve

Quinn and his sister Eve

By the way, our brand new grandson has a name now – Quinn Michael Christiaens. They chose Michael because it is Steve’s middle name. I hope he takes after  his Grandpa by being faithful, steady, fun, smart, and surrounded by love.

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