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ScrippsI was working on my extensive To-Do list last Wednesday when the Executive Director of the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) gave me a call. She said Lourdes Lorenz, the president-elect had been taken to the hospital and was unable to speak at the Scripps Integrative and Holistic Nursing Conference on Saturday morning. She asked me if I could take her place. I love Lourdes and the AHNA and I know Scripps is doing important work so I did not hesitate to say yes. On top of all that, my girlfriend of 50 years lives there and I would be able to spend some time with her. So instead of grading the ton of papers I have to grade, I took Lourdes’ PowerPoint and did my best to wrap a speech around it, entitled How to Get Involved in Holistic and Integrative Nursing. I focused on getting the audience to interact with each other, figuring the less I said the better. The audience participated and I met some wonderful people at the conference and was so glad I went. Holistic Nursing seems to be finally coming into its own, making a difference in health care and the lives of patients and nurses and staff. I feel like a tidal wave is coming. Attendees were very excited to “be the change we want to see.”
San Diego May 2016After my speech I spent the rest of the weekend with my friend Carol and her family. It was just so very relaxing and fun. I attended church with her (Unitarian). It was fun to see religion from a different view. We mostly just talked all weekend, you know those deep conversations that lifelong friends have, without judgment, and a sense of exploring our world together. I am blessed with wonderful friends and colleagues.

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  1. Fabulous…your life is full of great surprises!! Glad to hear more nurses will embrace a holistic philosophy of care!!

    • Karyn, I really appreciate your kind words. It was GREAT to see you at the conference. Wish I could have stayed for your presentation. I know you did a great job, as usual.

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend, Lourdes, I am sending much love her way.

    I’m so glad that her work got put into your thoughtful hands. What a wonderful challenge for you! The conference sounds amazing. I would love to hear more about it.

    Its also great you could spend some time with your lifelong friend, those relationships really ground us in who we are and who we have been through it all. I love the picture of the two of you with the sun streaming down.

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