Fatigue Wars

Image result for fatigueAttending the AHNA conference in Florida last week gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about holistic nursing, and also a bit more about myself. Since my brain surgery in August 2014 I have been plagued by fatigue. It is always with me. If I don’t meditate twice a day, I am totally exhausted by late afternoon. I was telling my girlfriend Carol about this and she pointed out that although I meditate, I also keep going and going and stay very busy all day. It struck me that although I teach students about the importance of self-care, I have only tricked myself into thinking I am engaging in appropriate self-care for someone with post-brain trauma fatigue. I Googled the topic today and found that fatigue after brain surgery is very common and can last for a few years. It’s time I quit denying this. I am competing with the person I used to be. Before surgery I had tons of energy and was constantly on the go. I like that! It is so hard to face that I am just not able to live at the same pace as I used to. Ugh! So when I  got back from Florida I spoke to my supervisor we decided I will go back to teaching 2 classes instead of 3. It was very hard to admit that teaching 3 classes is more than I can manage. I was planning on spending the summer preparing for fall classes. Now I don’t have as much to prepare. And now I’m going to look at what else is on my plate that I can eliminate. It’s time for me to step back and take charge of my self-care instead of letting life wear me down. I love being busy, but I guess it’s time for me to learn to love taking it easy. Wish me luck!

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  1. All those who love you know you can and will succeed in creating the life that will serve you best and bring joy to yourself and others.

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