My Delta Adventure

After sleeping only one hour (the insomnia still plagues me from my brain surgery) on Tuesday night I got up at 5 AM Wednesday morning and caught a shuttle to the airport to take me to Atlanta and then on to Gainesville, Florida to make a presentation at the Building Healthy Academic Communities Summit. All went very smoothly until we approached Atlanta. There was a very active rain storm with lots of lightening. My co-teacher Sue was notified immediately that her flight was cancelled. About an hour later my flight was cancelled. I stood in line for about an hour and was rebooked for later that afternoon. As I waited for that flight I met a UC Irvine Public Health student, Jennifer, also going to the summit. A half hour after our flight was to depart it was cancelled. To make a long story short, we kept waiting in lines and getting rebooked and then cancelled all day. Sue, Jennifer and I finally got to a hotel around 9:00 and tried to get Delta on the phone. No luck. And no luggage.
On Thursday morning Sue and Jennifer went back to the airport but I chose to stay in Atlanta and spend time with my son Andy and his family here. Sue and Jennifer finally got to Gainesville after standing in line 3 1/2 hours. But Sue still did not make it to the summit. I spent Thursday morning at Target buying make up and clothing. Apparently my luggage is in Gainesville and I can’t get ahold of Delta to tell them where to send it. Well, any excuse to buy new clothes is really OK with me! And now I have designer luggage- a big white Target bag!

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