The Magic of Mentors

Glenda & Ellie waiting for the mountain tram ride

Here in Palm Springs at the American Holistic Nurses Association annual conference I ran into Ellie Slette. She was my mentor and advisor when I was president of the association. She stands out in my life as a wise woman, a source of strength and support, and a wonderful role model of a loving, caring, patient person. When I am with her I feel calm and peaceful.  In one of our workshops we talked about giving students an assignment to write a letter of gratitude to someone they look up to. My letter would be to Ellie. And come to think of it, I could write lots of letters. So many people have made a difference in my life. It’s amazing how someone can just say something small in passing and it can have an impact. For example, just yesterday I was talking about retirement to another holistic nurse and she said that I was in a position to do whatever I wanted to do. My reflex reaction, in a whiny voice to myself, was to say, “Yeah, but what do I want?” Then it hit me – I AM doing what I want! And that’s good enough! Why do I search for more? Honestly, I think I have just been programmed to always think that I’m not doing enough and I need to be more definitive in what I want. DUH! I am doing what I want and it is enough and life is awesome!!! Thanks to the nurse who started me thinking about this.

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