3 Amigos Con Dientes Perfectos

marlomompepperMarlo and Pepper are hanging out with mom every day and taking good care of her. Seen here, chillin on the couch.

Hmm…that’s a rather boring update isn’t it.


Against impossible odds, Marlo and Pepper remain steadfast in defending mother against the foul and vile evils of middle earth! Seen here, blasphemously flaunting their good looks and disheveled hair, deep in the blistering heat of the Fires of Mordor!! 


IMG_0616In other news….”I eat cheese off the ground like a small, well-dressed homeless person.”

5 thoughts on “3 Amigos Con Dientes Perfectos

  1. I love this picture!

    Glenda, thank you and your family for letting us all in and showing us how to travel such a hard and scary journey with grace and humor. It has been a gift to me personally and I so appreciate the enormity of it all.


  2. Glenda et all Family,
    Ditto to Wendy’s Post. And a great “Selfie” picture. Glenda if you have any wishes how we can support please let us know. You all are amazing……….your journey so difficult yet you have done it with so much grace. My heart is filled with joy and I know you will climb that last hill of rehabilitation to its very top. Love You/Ellie

  3. Wonderful to see your progression from last Friday and the surgery. Looking wonderful I imagine the eye double vision is annoying…..prayers continue to support you and your journey. it will make for a best seller once your write your book!!!

  4. Glenda you are looking fab girl! I think you may have gotten a brow lift out this whole thing. Think of the Botox savings!! And I love the new ‘do! I know that being home is the most healing of all things. Your family is so cool. I’m so glad they keep posting for us. I continue to send love, prayers and healing energy. You are my new nursing hero! xo Marie

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