Positive Thinking

photoTonight I taught “positive thinking” to about 80 Cub Scouts and their parents, at their Gold & Blue Banquet.. I am not used to speaking to kids so it was a challenge to appeal to the audience. But honestly, I was surprised at how universal the concept of positive thinking is. The kids really took to it. During one part of the presentation I asked everyone to stand up and say as many nice things to as many people as possible in a minute. The kids had a ball, and the adults did too. By the end of the minute, I’m not kidding, everyone was smiling! It is amazing how just saying something nice to someone can shift energy. This relates to the idea that although we may not be able to control our thoughts, we can choose which thoughts we pay attention to. I have negative and positive thoughts running through my head all day. I’m going to start paying much more attention to my positive thoughts and see what happens. This will be fun!!


One thought on “Positive Thinking

  1. Hello sweet Lady! Thank you SO much for being a guest speaker at our Blue & Gold! I felt the wonderful & positive energy in the room. It was so nice. Thank you, again, you Cute Lady. xoxo =) T.A.

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