Eating to Live

Arranged Vegetables Creating a FaceA few weeks ago I quit eating sweets and refined flour. I did it because I had gained a few pounds since quitting my full-time job, and my clothes were uncomfortable. Don’t you hate that feeling? I was also having some aches and joint stiffness. Well, I lost 3 pounds in about a week or so and was feeling better in general, but still achy.  I noticed that my addiction to salty chips went away, which was wonderful because I have eaten TONS of chips in my lifetime. Then I went to Philadelphia to the National Speakers Association convention. I ate dinner with a great family who described themselves as “almost vegan.” They all agreed that they felt better and had lost weight. Then I read an article about how Bill Clinton has  gone vegan and feels great. And then to top it off, I met a man at our local National Speakers Association Mountain West Chapter meeting who told me he quit eating refined foods and lost 24 pounds in 1 month and feels great. He is in his 50’s and said his “aches and pains” have disappeared. He also said his physician told him to lose weight or die. That’s motivating! He told me he did it all by reading Joel Furhman’s book Eat to LiveOne of my life policies is that if something comes to my awareness three times, I need to pay close attention. So last night I started reading Eat to Live and I just could not put it down. I was reading into the wee hours and it all made perfect sense. I am only halfway through but can’t wait to get to the actual diet style and recipes. I am going to go for it, and my husband will join me. Not sure if we can talk our grandson into it. We’ll see. I am 60 years old now and I want my upcoming retirement to be filled with not only financial health, but with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and energy. Wish me luck!

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