Hero’s Journey

hercules movie 2014I am doing so well that sometimes it feels a little nutsy to blog much about it. I am still drowsy a lot, but if I keep moving or talking I do OK. So here goes and I hope this doesn’t sound dumb: I saw HERCULES last night. It’s the new movie with Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson. Who doesn’t love him? Since I have had this tumor, I either get very bored very fast while watching a movie or I get totally into it and emotional. Well, I got totally into HERCULES. I love to talk about the symbolism and metaphor in movies, and this movie was full of meaning. It was totally the “hero’s journey” metaphor. And we are all heroes on a journey, right? At the beginning of the movie it was all about what other people thought about Hercules. And then by the end what really mattered is what he thought about himself. A big challenge (also called a “labor” in the movie) is what changed his perspective. As usual, I am seeing everything through my diagnosis, and I realized that my “big challenge” is inviting me to get to know who I really am. I am taking a look at my values and seeing that who I think I am is more important that who others think I am. HOWEVER, who others think I am is also important. Sounds counter intuitive I know, but lots of people were counting on Hercules to own who he was and really BE Hercules. Living an authentic life, both internally and externally, is powerful and meaningful. If I own who I am then I see my real self and others see it too and my life is balanced and congruent. And who doesn’t love a balanced and congruent life?
The countdown continues: 10 days until surgery…

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  1. So true Glenda. Christ grew up in favor of God and man. I think that is a worthy goal. Now if those who are in our life are not fair and toxic, well..who cares about their opinion. We must rely on our own self esteem and put their opinions behind. Love you Glenda. šŸ™‚

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