Alone But Not Lonely

longhornToday is the one-year anniversary of my husband Steve’s death. Two of our sons are bringing their families and we will eat dinner at Steve’s favorite restaurant, Longhorn Steakhouse, just like we did a few hours after he passed. I am looking forward to reminiscing and honoring his memory, and being with the wonderful children and grandchildren we shared. Afterward, we will come home and open a few presents and play some games. Steve would love that. One son and his family will spend the night and we’ll open presents in the morning. So I won’t be alone for Christmas.
A few days ago I spent lunch with a wonderful woman who is 94 years old. She invited me to lunch because she heard me speak about my near death experience at an IANDS meeting. She was so inspiring. If she runs across someone she would like to know better, she calls them and invites them for a visit. She lives her life fully. That’s what I want to do. She also invited two of my past professors. These two women were wonderful mentors and continue to be examples of kindness, acceptance, and endless energy. What a great afternoon!
Earlier in the week I had dinner with 4 other single women in the neighborhood. Talk about FUN! It felt like a high school slumber party! Laughing, joking, getting philosophical and solving world problems…
So this week I learned that although I am alone, I don’t need to be lonely (However I must say that sometimes we just have to embrace our emotions, don’t deny them. My point is I don’t need to be lonely constantly and let it paralyze me). I can grab life and go for it. What are you doing for lunch?
Merry Christmas!

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