Angels Among Us

Some friends were visiting a few days ago and I told them the story of my out of body experience. When I cam to the part where I laid my head in the lap of a nurse in the OR, my friend suggested it may not have been an earthly nurse, but it may have been an angel. I thought that was a cool way to think about it. Then just yesterday another friend called and said almost the exact same thing. I thought that was a very big coincidence. When I got off the phone I was looking out the window and my eye caught on a wind catcher I have, which is a depiction of an angel. Then I was drawn to a piece of art I have on the wall which also depicts angels. Then at Sunday School our teacher quoted a scripture about angels! So my conclusion is that God is directing me toward angels, and I need to pay attention. I know angels watch over us and I am thankful for that.

One thought on “Angels Among Us

  1. What a cool experience! Did you know that I began collecting angels when my husband Greg, who died 18 years ago bought me my first one? I have several and think of him every day when I look at them; I will start thinking of you too now! You, Pat and Carol are my angels! Love and health, Jeanne in CA

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