Atlanta Adventures


On the CNN escalator, tallest in the world

I planned to spend a few days in Atlanta but it stretched out to a week since Delta Airlines kept cancelling my flights. Still not sure where my luggage is, but I finally talked to someone about it and it should arrive in Salt Lake City sometime this century. And I should arrive there sometime today. This morning I am at the Holiday Inn where I plan to start grading the 180 student assignments that have been turned in.
I have learned a lot from being stranded in the airport. I was surprised at how calm the thousands of people were while their flights were repeatedly cancelled, plans changed, hopes dashed. Nobody lost their tempers and everyone was polite. As for me, I had 4 of my flights cancelled so I missed my presentation at an academic conference in Gainesville, Florida, and also missed my scheduled flight home. And my luggage. But the upside is that I got to spend more time with

Atlanta street art

two of my sons, Andy and Sid, in Atlanta. We hiked, toured CNN, The World of Coca Cola, Stone Mountain, took some long walks, saw some fabulous street art, attended church, and really had a great time just being together. And of course I got to spend time with Andy’s kids Eve and Quinn, and his wife Kathryn, who went out of her way to make sure we had fun. Another upside of the trip is that I met some very nice people at the airport. Having a common mishap brings people together. I met a great student from California who works as Belle (from Beauty and the Beast)  at Disneyland, a retired lady from Washington who guided me through the standby process, and numerous others. Life is good. People are good. I am blessed.

Watching Guardians of the Galaxy

Quinn, Eve, Kathryn, Andy Sid

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