Authenticity for a Happy Successful Life

INSA Scott Christopher am in Philadelphia at the National Speakers Association convention and heard Scott Christopher talk about levity. He is a great, funny, engaging speaker. What really hit home for me was when he talked about how important it was to treat our family and friends the way we treat our co-workers. I agree, and research backs this up. Sometimes we give our “best” to our co-workers. They love us, and we are successful. Then we get home and leave our best at work. We don’t give our family our best because we are tired or burnt out. Who is getting our authentic self? I suggest that our “best” is our authentic self. And shouldn’t we be giving that authenticity to everyone? I read an article a couple years ago that said people who are authentic at work and after work are the happiest and most successful, because they are who they are wherever they are. It’s a freeing way to live. Thanks to Scott for reminding me of this principle of authenticity. Do you want to know the secret to a happy, successful life at home and at work? Be yourself.

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