Award Winner

My girlfriend sent me a text saying “Wow…you win the most horrible life sucks award.” I’m sure things could be worse, but last week my granddaughter was hospitalized (She’s OK now) and my daughter lost her job, lost her apartment, got in a car accident, and is in the ER right now. Apparently she texted someone that she might overdose intentionally on sleeping pills so the police took her to the hospital against her will. As for me, I’m still not getting too upset about things. I just have no more room for upset. I do my best to focus on the present moment, and I make sure I meditate twice a day. That makes a huge difference in my energy level and ability to keep plugging forward. Even exciting events are not too exciting. For example, my son got engaged yesterday. Deep down I am very happy for him and wish him the best, but I’m not overcome with joy and hope at this time. It will come. It will all come back to me. I think I’m in a self protection mode and I’m thankful for it because if I really focused on all this stuff and got all upset I would feel worthy of the Most Horrible Life Sucks Award. But really, all is well. Life is a school of learning and this is just a rigorous semester. The Professor (God) is a great teacher and wants me to succeed.

Steve is drowsy again today and a bit cranky. He can carry on conversations but just gets a little off track. But his pain is under control and he is generally comfortable. Yay!

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  1. Keep on keeping on in whatever self protective mode that best serves you just now. ALL this life is temporary and you are doing better than you think. You were sent to earth fully equipped to handle the life experiences you have gone through and the ones to come. Love you Sister. Here if you need or want me.

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