Baby Steps

baby steps BWIt’s hard to explain, but today my eyesight seems to be slightly better. It is still hard to read close up and I still get dizzy when I walk but I appear to have made some tiny baby steps that I can actually feel now. And what a wonderful feeling that is. I am very thankful for baby steps. This morning I thought, “It’s about time. What’s taking so long?” The answer is clear to me: It is taking this long because there is a reason for everything and something awesome is in store for me. It’s just not ready yet. So I will continue to be patient.

2 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Glenda, I am so proud of you for being so patient! We, all your friends and family, are praying and waiting with you. I am happy to hear your eye sight is improving, God is with you, He just showed you that! Please continue to take “baby steps” and remember we are all here to catch you if you fall or hold you fingers as you walk. Love, Jeanne in CA

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