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Usually when I leave a job I pretty much never go back. It seems tacky to keep returning to a place I am no longer a part of. Due to my brain surgery I quit working at Fortis College over a year ago. I loved working there as Dean of Nursing and I loved the people I worked with. I’ve gone back to campus a few times to go out to lunch or wrap up some business. I went there on Friday to change a name on a bank account and to wish one of the faculty a farewell as she moves on to new adventures. I have to say the love I felt there was astounding and humbling. As people said hi to me I got the feeling that they really cared about me and were genuinely happy to see me. And I was very happy to see each one of them. They teased me about my hair.  It just felt so good! What a wonderful group. I know they were all busy but they took time out to chat and catch up, or at least give me a hug. It was awesome. I am honored and blessed to be able to say that I worked there. What a wonderful group of people. And now I am working at the University of Utah where so many people are genuinely interested in my welfare. I am a blessed woman.

everybody loves raymondSteve is having a rough day today. He went to church for about an hour but the pain was too much so he had to go home and miss a couple of the meetings. If he gets at all behind on his pain meds it leads to a lot of pain. He’s figuring it all out. Our family is coming today to have dinner and wish him a Happy Birthday (September 25) and I hope it won’t be too much for him. Our Bishop visited us today and Steve was just not perky! It is challenging to watch him go through this. We do our best to end each day with laughter so we watch Everybody Loves Raymond or Frazier at bedtime. We also watch the Jim Gaffigan Show. Funny! Tomorrow he will see the radiation oncologist to see if more radiation may help manage the pain. He’s also going in for more acupuncture.

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  1. I’m so happy to hear about your connection with your workmates. I’m glad that Steve has pain control medications available to him that work.
    Thinking about this journey you are on and sending love.

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