Be a Better Person

I hope going through this health trial is making me a better person. Due to all the service that has been given to me by family and friends, as soon as I am well I will be a better person because I will focus much more on service than I have in the past. Not only will I care for others more, I will also take better care of myself. The only problem I have with this is that I’m saying, “as soon as I am well.” Will I really be a better person? Will I be more loving and kind, patient and courageous? That’s my plan and I don’t want to use the excuse of my condition to get me out of it. Life is about becoming the best me I can be. I hope it doesn’t take more trials like this to get and keep me on track. We’ll see. As I have said before, “It’s all good.”

2 thoughts on “Be a Better Person

  1. me again!! I remember my times with you were,…go go all of the time. I wondered if you would ever run out of steam and you were a multi tasker and moving from one thing to another and I often wondered…when does she take a deep breath??!!

    so….in some way I see this health challenge as a time of making you stop to deal with what do I value and what do I really want to do and how do I want to be remembered….what is your legacy in life?

    don’t; castigate yourself for this new insight….it is all part of the healing process.

    peace and blessings to you as this year ends and a whole new world opens up in 2015!

    • Thanks for your words of wisdom Sonja. I really do need to reflect more often, and more deeply. Your comment was a perfect reminder for me.

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