My husband Steve actually seems to be better lately! His pain is decreased to the point that he rarely takes pain medicine. His nausea has gone away. He has felt better for a few days now and it’s great. We think it’s the radiation kicking in, or a cancer remission. He is feeling frustrated however because he still cannot walk without his walker, and gets bored with not much to do all day. Last night we went to see a movie, Ant Man, and he did great. He had pain adjusting to the theater seat but enjoyed the movie and getting out of the house. Monday we will go to the pain management clinic, although he may not need it.

eye pulsingMy eye socket surgeon wants to continue to wait for my pulsing eyesight to heal itself. Honestly I was quite disappointed when he said to come back and see him in December. I am beginning to think that I actually WANT to the surgery. Anything to get my vision back. After about an hour of feeling like crying I decided to focus (with my good eye, I guess) on what I have, not on what I don’t have. That made a big difference. If I have pulsing vision for the rest of my life, at least I’m not blind and I can at least work part time. And at least I don’t have a tumor in my head anymore. And I have a wonderful family and great friends and I can do this. Life is good. And pulsing.

4 thoughts on “Better!

  1. So happy to hear that Steve is feeling a little better and that you’re enjoying your part-time job. Keep trying, keep believing, don’t get discouraged, be happy, things will work out. President Gordon B. Hinckley

  2. Good news Glenda- continued prayers for you all!
    Thought you might like this one
    Life Said

    Life said ‘I will break your heart’
    And her heart said ‘that’s okay
    For I didn’t come here to observe
    I’m all in, all the way’
    Then life said ‘You can’t beat me’
    To this her heart agreed
    And said ‘I am not here to win’
    ‘I’m here to plant a seed’
    ‘To grow and learn compassion’
    To love until I burst
    To offer what I have to drink
    When someone is with thirst’
    So life paused for a moment
    Then gave her birth a nod
    And she took a giant breath of Earth
    As a tiny spark of God~

    Jen Reich
    Phoenix, AZ 6-7-15

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