I am so excited! I got on my stationary recumbent bike just now and spun for 5 WHOLE MINUTES! It felt great. My goal is 30 minutes per day and I am planning to increase the time gradually. So by the time I am set to get back to work I will have the stamina required to work 8 hours. In addition to spinning, I added an affirmation that my daughter taught me this morning on our walk. With every turn of the bike pedal I said a word of the affirmation: “Healing, healing, whole, healthy,” I also visualized my left temple swelling going down, and also spoke to my eyes and brain, giving them permission to heal themselves and do a good job of it (From the book Miracle Soul Healer). I also prayed a lot, with gratitude.
My husband and son Brad gave me a blessing last night and the main thing I remember are the words, “You will get well.” I am counting on it and  at the same time am thankful for what I have learned so far on this healing journey.

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  1. Your intention for healing is so very strong and that will make a huge effect. Blessings to you and your family. Namaste/ Ellie

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