Brain Surgery – EXCITING LIVE UPDATES! (part 3)



DAY 12 

5:45PM – Mom continues to slowly and steadily improve. She has eaten a half container of vanilla pudding and has been sipping apple and orange juice when she is thirsty. Still not allowed water. She even began doing the Harlem Shake when “Ring of Fire” started playing. Fortunately her dance moves remain intact. She still talks in a low whisper and is getting plenty of rest . She requested a tooth brush and brushed her teeth. Based on the ferocity of the brushing, I would hesitate in describing it as “dentist approved”.

DAY 13


pic:moms official pre-surgery medical x-ray

4:45PM – Progress continues! With assistance mom has been standing up to go to the restroom and she is more alert than yesterday. Now that she is more awake and aware during the day she has requested visitors to come and see her. Naturally she gets pretty bored when we are not able to be with her and wants everyone to know she would greatly enjoy the company. She is a gracious host and has been kind enough to let everyone try out her bedside toilet. Chivalry is not dead.

DAY 14


 Mom is currently adjusting to her new cyborg eye in the NCCU room 3320 at the University of Utah Hospital

11:30AM – Mom is slightly more alert than yesterday and continues to make slow, but steady progress.The nurse told her she is doing “too well to be in the critical care unit” and they are working on getting her moved to a new room. Although she is tired throughout the day, its nice to hear her say familiar phrases she would regularly say (pre-surgery) to let us know everything is alright upstairs. For example: “Brad, your easily my favorite son” or “Suck it”. Classic mom.


Although it was exhausting, mom was able to sit up in a chair for 20 solid minutes. Like a Boss. 

 DAY 15

standingStanding strong.

Yesterday mom was moved into a new room thanks to her progress. I’m happy to report that today she has been moved again. She is now in Inpatient Medical Rehab Room 2606. She will be starting rehab tomorrow morning which includes occupational rehab, physical therapy and speech therapy. She still gets very bored and is very grateful for any visitors. The staff mentioned multiple times that rehab will really tire her out during the day which should hopefully curb some of the boredom and make her days go by faster. I took a look at the schedule:

06:00 AM – 12 Dozen Raw Eggs Protein Shake, 07:00 AM – Bench Press (6 Sets, 30 Reps Each), 08:00 AM – Zumba with Ricardo, 11:00 AM – Wide-Stance Barbell Squats (10 Sets, 25 Each), 02:00 PM – CrossFit with Juan, 04:00 PM – Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (NES), 05:00 PM – Rest, 05:05 PM – Booty Blast with Denzel, 07:00 PM – Kick Boxing with Lauren

Although the next 7 to 10 days may be physically and mentally demanding, I have no doubts that she will overcome any challenge thrown her way.

DAY 16IMG_1352More than 150 steps today! And REAL clothes! 

 DAY 17stitches

When I stopped by today and told mom she was doing much better than a couple of days ago she didn’t believe it. She is always very surprised when we tell her how great she is doing in comparison to only a few days before. She definitely does not notice the day to day difference like the rest of us do. She is still very exhausted and tired, but they are working on her sleep schedule so she is able to sleep better at night. She is doing great with rehab and had her stitches removed yesterday. The surgeon said they will reattach her skull bone in 4 to 6 weeks. In the meantime it is being kept next to the tuna salad in the outside fridge (behind the orange juice).

Although she is fatigued and pushed beyond her limits, she remains impressive. When I visit she is still funny and cracks jokes. She is still kind and talks about how cute her grandchildren are. She is still caring and tells me I need to eat lunch. She is still herself. Before surgery they had told her they expect a full recovery. Hearing “full recovery” was a relief, but I never realized all of the pain, effort and hard work she would have to go through to get to that point. When this is all just a memory we might tell the story as “she had brain surgery and made a full recovery”, but what she has accomplished and conquered to get to a full recovery will be the real story.

 DAY 18 

photo (25)

Love you Grandma!

Pepper said she is doing about the same as yesterday. She is still very tired from all the rehab activities and continues to rest between “the mean people” getting her up and active. I told her the kids want to visit her, but she does not want to risk scaring them so she prefers we wait a few days. Also, the nurse had the audacity to tell me that my mother “does not have the strength to babysit while in rehab” and that it was “inappropriate” for me to even suggest it. Eavesdrop much!?

DAY 19


Pic: Mom, Dad, and their parrot Jiago c.1973

Mom is still working hard and is even using her phone from time to time. Today she called and told me to let the family know that tonight she would not prefer visitors because she is so exhausted and plans on sleeping. She said it was a “bad day” of rehab and she really doesn’t have the energy to talk. She is very touched by the daily outpouring of love and concern from her many friends. When someone asks how she is doing, they often follow up with a great story involving her. These are awesome stories I am hearing for the first time (Armed Robbery) and its clear that she is always being herself wherever she goes and whoever she is with.


38 thoughts on “Brain Surgery – EXCITING LIVE UPDATES! (part 3)

  1. fabulous news! thanks for this information…your Mom will have quite the story to tell when she is “fully alive”!

    • Hello my Fair weathered friend!!! Ha ha, it’s good to see you making big progress on your healing journey. You are a champ.. I wanted to come see you today but I am sick with a cold. I am so looking forward to you coming home so I can give you a big hug… Love you tons.

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  3. Glad to hear she’s getting better. 🙂 I would love to come see her. University Hospital? What room is she in? Are flowers allowed? 🙂

    God bless and heal Glenda!


  4. What wonderful news on this bright late summer day…my heart…our hearts..are filled with gratitude! We will, for sure, join together in dances of joy – o wait! We already are : ) We are dancing with you on your healing journey!
    in peace and lovingkindness : )

  5. Good Morning Glenda,
    So glad to hear your progress. A little bit of advice……….some visitors are fine, but you do not need an audience. Remember you do not need to give that key note speech the first few days in which you have stood upright. You need time to heal. Following your blog and sending that special energy and prayers for your continued improvement./Ellie

  6. Way to go Glenda! I continue to do the “I’m excited” dance each step of your healing. I echo Ellie – remember to take care of yourself each step of the way. I feel your energy getting stronger. Blessings to you and your loving family.

  7. Glenda….what good news of progress….I agree with Peggy and Ellie…you do not have to do a keynote…just enjoy the pampering…you are long overdue!

  8. What wonderful and long awaited news! So grateful our prayers are answered and Glenda and her beautiful brain are back with us! Thank you to all of you up there taking care of her and encouraging her to wake up, get up and share her potty chair! I wish I could come visit, but I live in So. CA and begin work as a teacher on 8-19-14; but Glenda is always in my thoughts and I will continue praying for her fast recovery and getting home with her family soon! Lots of love to all, Jeanne

  9. How wonderful to see Glenda sitting up. Ask her to consider her helment as her halo and to keep in on. Sending her much love and healing energy. Keep up the good work! You are loved by many.

  10. So glad to hear that you are doing better Ms. Glenda! I am continuing to pray for full healing!! Keep up the dance moves we know where Sid and Pepper got them from!!

  11. Glenda, it is so wonderful you are eating, drinking, sitting and walking to the bathroom (with a little help from your friends). Every day, every step, brings you further along on your healing journey. Can’t wait to converse with you about the dreams you will transcribe from this time period. 🙂
    Continuing to send lots of love, hugs and healing energy to you and your family.

  12. Glenda,
    I am so happy to see you standing tall and proud! Brain surgery is no match for you and your incredible strength and positive energy! I’m excited, I’m excited, I’m excited for you and can’t wait to see you back at Fortis when you’re fully recovered. Praying for you always!!

  13. Glenda,
    Glad to see you up and about. The helmet is a metaphor for protection and know that I am sending energy and prayers for your ongoing rehab and strength. Each day is an opportunity for more progress!

  14. On Tuesday, August 19th, Rehab will evaluate what she can do now, and then set a regimen to get her up and moving. Sooner the better. We thank you all for your prayers, healing energy, temple prayer rolls, and the like. Those who know us, especially those who know Glenda, know that it all counts. Thank you, Steve-her husband.

  15. Glenda, you’re looking good girl! Keep the healing going. We are very proud of you. You are the original Warrior Princess. Love the ‘suck it up’ comment. Made me LOLLOL (laugh out loud with lots of love)

    • Glenda, Steve et all family – So glad you are up walking a bit. More advice from me this time bringing to you my world of being a Rehab Clinical Specialist.
      Best that you wear good walking shoes (no heels) whenever you are up on your feet even for short distances……tennis shoes or similar – the kind that have laces and give you good foot support. A choice you could have is different color shoe laces. Trying to say your choice at this point should not be trying to be “pretty”. No bedroom slippers and socks. Beautiful is you walking with maximum stability and ease.
      So grateful you have your lovely family and your blog family which you have so kindly orchestrated with this blog. Wishing each day is better and better. The almighty spirit is with you as are all the people that love you./Ellie

  16. Glenda,

    I’ve been following your progress on this site. Thanks to all your family for keeping us updated. I am so happy to see you gaining strength. Miss your smile … my thoughts and prayers are with you.


  17. Dear Glenda,
    Was so shocked to hear about your tumor and surgery. The blog that your family has kept is wonderful to read and reflects your perseverance and spirit through this challenging journey . . . and . . . the incredible love that they have for you!!!

    I know that your faith, your beautiful and supportive family, and your inner Spirit will sustain and heal you – wholly and completely! You are a remarkable person! Wonderful to see you up and walking. Will continue to send you lots of love, prayers, and healing energy. Love from here, Lucia

  18. Wonderful news. It’s so good to see she is up and around. Keep up the good work Glenda. You are a Rock Star! Go Glenda, Go Glenda! Yay!

  19. Glenda, It is so great to see you up and out of that bed! I bet it feels even better to you and your family. Thank your family and your Drs., nurses, and helpers for taking such good care of you for us. Keep up the hard work so you can get out of there; a Phd nurse friend of mine told me there is a lot of germs in hospitals, Love, Jeanne

  20. Wow!! Amazing progress! I love you, Glenda! You are such a shining example of strength to me! God bless you on your journey to a FULL RECOVERY! =) I will see you soon. xoxooxoxoxoxoxoox

  21. Hey Glenda!
    Keep up the good work! You’ll be home in no time! We are praying for you and thinking of you lots. Bruce went through a similar journey last year with a subdural hematoma. You’re a champ!
    Bruce and Barb

  22. You are a totally amazing woman. I didn’t realized that you were having brain surgery. I thought that since the tumor was behind your eye that you were having eye surgery. WOW was I surprised to see your long row of staples. It is so good to see that you are now in real clothes and getting a work out. Isn’t it amazing the energy it takes just to move our bodies around? Jim and I are planning on coming to visit you within the week. Is there anything that you would like us to smuggle in for you? If I remember correctly you are at the U of U hospital. Right? That would be nice to know before we venture to find you.

  23. Thinking of you and sending uplifting and healing thoughts and wishes. Keep up the good work. Go Glenda!!

  24. Glenda, I had no Idea! You seem to be doing great, keep up the good work. This blog is amazing, I hope you keep posting. Our prayers are with you.Love you, Cindy

  25. Glenda, I loved visiting you yesterday. You may not remember it so I’m documenting it here. You remembered me and seemed so excited to see me. We joked and laughed about work things. You asked how everyone was doing and delivered your usual funny, witty comments. I told you that you’re still the same old you and you said “oh no, that’s not good!”
    You told me that your butt hurt so bad and you couldn’t get comfortable. I marched right over to the nurses station and demanded a donut for you to sit on. As I walked out of your room you said “there she goes…”
    I told those nurses that my friend Glenda had a sore butt and I didn’t care what else they had going on, they better hand deliver a donut in 5 minutes or less. And guess what? They did.
    You told me you hated rehab, bathing, sitting up, standing, eating, and how your EEG took three hours. I told you I hated all those things too, except for eating; I rather enjoy that.
    You asked me to use your phone to send texts to your son Brad who probably thought it was you texting. I wrote something about your need for a proctologist….he said he’d send out signals for one.
    After a while you got really sleepy and asked me to put a pillow between your legs, cover you and kiss your cheek when I left. I obeyed and followed all your directions to a T. But when I left my eyes got misty cuz I sure do love you and miss you at work. I told you I’d come visit again and you said “oh good, I love you”.
    Well, ditto, my friend. Ditto.
    Until my next visit…..

  26. Hi Glenda and family,
    Rehab sounds like a grueling exhausting schedule from what Steve told me. Just a gentle reminder that you can be a participant in the development of your Plan of Care, meaning that you can say I need a two hour break in the afternoon for a nap, or I am too tired this hour and need to skip this or that treatment. I know you want to heal fast, but that requires adequate rest which is often in short supply in hospitals. Most brain traumas lead to a need for extra sleep so the brain can heal itself. The most basic of activities are exhausting, like talking, breathing, bathroom journeys, sitting, eating, especially getting dressed, bathing, walking. Even the desire and thoughts of getting well, though exhilarating at times are using energy and add to fatigue.
    I remember one Halloween visiting and Andy was wearing a superman suit. You are Wonder Woman and everyone is witnessing what a Wonder you are and how full of resilience and indomitable spirit. Your kids should write a new comic book on the newest of super heroes. Glenda the Wonder Warrior, brainier for the journey, the newest of neurons – or some such thing.
    We all admire your courage. I think the world should too.
    Hugs and love.

  27. All of these postings and pictures help so much in reminding those of us who are up and about what a journey Glenda is on and how many friends she has cheering her on. the postings have been very insightful and Glenda…..this is your journey and we are all pulling with you for patience with the process and true healing. You have a great spirit and such zest for life….take it one day at a time.

    hugs and love and prayers


  28. Hi Glenda & family, It’s 6:30 am on Monday 8/25/14. I go back to work today, with my 9 special education students, and I am so happy to know that you will be up and working too! Keep up the great rehab work; you are doing super! We are all proud of the strength you are showing; giving us all pause to see your determination. I wish I could come up to Utah for a visit, but summer is over for me and I am back to work. But, please remember that all of my love & prayers are with you & family as you continue to recover! I am so proud of you, Love, Jeanne

  29. Hi Glenda,

    I have been reading the wonderful blog and updates on your brain surgery. Wow! What an experience to go through. I expect that nurses know what to expect in life, healthwise, but something like this should throw you for a loop. But I think you are a pretty mellow person and are probably handling things well. It has been years since we lived on 5780 South in Kearns, but I remember so many wonderful people from those years. Best wishes, and hurry up with everything (even if you are supposed to be patient).

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