Breakfast Club

BreakfastFor the last few days our son Sid has accompanied us to radiation therapy for my husband Steve. I really love that he drives, and holds doors open so I can get the wheelchair through. It has made the trip so much easier and I appreciate him taking time out of his busy schedule. After radiation each day we have gone out to breakfast and enjoyed some lovely father-son, mother-son time. The health center has a little cafe and it is nice to eat there, although one day we went to the Original Pancake House and ate like crazy. Right now Sid is  helping Steve clean up his office. This means so much to me, as it’s been a project that  is long overdue. Sid has really stepped up to the plate, along with our other children who are always so very willing to come to bat for us. We are blessed.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast Club

  1. I have been following your blog Glenda and have enjoyed the sharing of your experience on a very personal basis. Know that I continue to send you healing energy for next steps not only for your husband but for you
    the first anniversary date of your surgery last year…I think it was August 2 or 4 has passed and it would be interesting to look back a year to see what has transpired in your life.
    The experiences you and your family have been full of surprises….and challenges
    Peace and many blessings

    • Sonja,
      Yes it’s been a year since my brain surgery and so much has happened. I like to look back to see how far I have recovered. When I first came back home from the hospital I could not walk to the bathroom or take a shower without assistance. Now I am doing well except for the pulsing vision and fatigue. So I am making strides. I am looking forward to this year passing so I can look back. But then again, it is best to embrace the present and accept things the way they are now. Sometimes that’s a struggle.

  2. It is wonderful to see pictures of your family and hear stories of them gathering around you and supporting you, it is food for the soul.

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