Busy Day for a Change

RefrigeratorYesterday was exciting because I did 3 projects!  First, I took a Tai Chi exercise class at the Senior Center followed by 30 minutes of walking on the track at the gym. Then when I got home I watched some TV as usual to recover my energy. Second, I cleaned out the refrigerator. Who likes to do that? There were things in there that expired a long time ago. Yuk! And we’ve got 6 jars of pickles! Then I took a nap. And  third, I  did some yard work in the front yard. Spring is beginning to show and there are lots of leftovers from last  year that need to be cleared out. I did a bunch of raking and pulling grass out of the flower beds. I was very surprised at how tired I got very quickly. After about 15 minutes my husband said he was going to the bank and I immediately said, “Can I go?” I got in the car and totally collapsed. After the bank we went to the grocery store and the health food store. When we got home I finished the yard work and spent the rest of the evening on the couch, until some wonderful friends came over for a visit. Not bad! That’s the most I’ve done for the past 7 months. Yippee!!! I can’t say I’m back to normal, but I’m on the road. My vision seemed a bit better last night too. So all in all it was a great day. Now I just need to finish that yard  work… and the laundry … and clean the stove … and the list goes on…


2 thoughts on “Busy Day for a Change

  1. Glenda, Sounds like a great day to me! So happy you have all that energy! By the way; I love to clean out my fridge! But, I will think of you every time I do it from now on! I am so relieved that you are doing so well; we could have lost you! Keep it up! Love, Jeanne in CA

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