Candy Crush? Crushed!

  Last year, as I adjusted (still adjusting) to single life, I often went to Facebook to pass the time. It was a bit addictive. Whenever I was on Facebook I beat myself up for wasting precious time reading about mundane events in strangers’ lives. Occasionally I would come across one of my friends’ posts, which was worthwhile. As the presidential election got into full swing, the negativity on Facebook drove me away. I made a commitment to stop using Facebook. I just did not need that constant negative, angry input or the cussing and soft porn in my life. I achieved my goal and have not been on Facebook since the election. Well, I am sad to say that I went from Facebook to Candy Crush. No, there’s no negative, angry input in Candy Crush – it’s just fun. But I still beat myself up about it because I could be doing other, productive things. I use it as an escape, a way to let my mind go on cruise control for a while. No need to make decisions or get anything done or learn anything or grow as a person – just play Candy Crush. A stress reliever. Well, like Facebook, I have found Candy Crush to be addictive. I think about it during the day and I dream about it at night. As I play, I keep saying, “One more game and then I’ll go to bed.” or “I just want to win this one and then I’ll clean the kitchen.” I notice that when I play on the train, I am missing uplifting, inspiring conversations with fellow strangers on our way to work. I tell myself I need a break from grading papers, my mind needs a change of scenery. What seems like hours go by and I haven’t done anything. It’s like sleeping through life. Time to wake up!  So…. I did it! I deleted Candy Crush from my iPhone 10 minutes ago. I can do this! OK, to tell the truth I’ve done this before, and then I re-installed it. But this time I am blogging about it and I will NOT re-install it. Now the challenge will be what to do when I feel like playing. Will I replace it with something else that is more productive or something even stupider? What I’m really hoping for is that boredom and loneliness do not notice that I have gone cold turkey and they won’t come knocking at my door whispering, “Juicy!” or “Delicious!” and lure me back in.  I think my first step will be to make a list: Things To Do When I’m Bored or Lonely.

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