Storm SparklerJuly is a patriotic month in Utah. After celebrating the 4th of July with barbecues, fireworks, rodeos and family get togethers we celebrate Pioneer Day on the 24th of July with barbecues, fireworks, rodeos and family get togethers. I especially like this holiday because my own ancestors crossed the country pulling all their possessions in handcarts to Utah. Out of 6 family members who began the journey in Nebraska, only one survived, to become my great great grandmother. Since we live on a cul de sac, we launch fireworks from the middle of our street and have a great time while sucking on Popsicles. We had fun watching the next generation take over the lighting and supervision of the fireworks.

Steve is now on his second week of radiation therapy. Sadly, he is having a great deal of hip pain when he walks. We are working on getting him a Handicapped Parking Permit and a cane. The pain is probably related to bone tumors. He is also struggling with nausea and we are not sure the exact cause of that.

The good news is that one of Steve’s sisters and his mom are visiting from Oregon. We played an exciting game of Farkel last night, and also made a quick video to wish our daughter-in-law a Happy Birthday in Atlanta. It is nice to  have family around. Another one of Steve’s sisters will be here later this week. Family is a source of strength and joy and we are so happy they are here.

3 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. I am so happy that Steve’s mother and sister are coming for a visit! What a great way to celebrate life; with family close by! I am sure you have thought of using a wheelchair when Steve reaches the hospital to save his strength and relieve some of his bone pain. I will keep him and your wonderful family in my daily prayers! Love, Jeanne in CA

    • Hi Jeanne. Yes, we used a wheelchair at the hospital. And now with the walker I think he will be much more comfortable. Thanks.

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