Chatting in Amsterdam

Today we visited the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. They have an exhibit that explores his mental illness. It was so sad to hear about his struggles and eventual suicide. His artwork was so very beautiful and expressive. I was blown away by it. At dinner we met the other 30 people in our tour group. It was nice getting to know those at our table. The topic of loss came up. There was a woman who recently lost her husband and was taking her granddaughter on tour just like me. Small world. One man had lost his daughter and brother recently. We all commented on how universal loss is and how we had so much in common even though we were from different parts of the world. Grief can be so isolating but we all experience it and it brings us together to support one another. I appreciate how open and relaxed everyone was at the table. We also talked about travel, pets, the broken health care system, vegetarianism, and Fred Rogers.


One thought on “Chatting in Amsterdam

  1. This is awesome! I can’t believe there’s another person there in your same circumstance, pretty cool 🙂 I miss you guys!

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