Chemo Round 2 Done

Steve Funny Hat 1 (2)Today was the third day of Steve’s (my husband) second round of chemotherapy for bladder cancer. So he is halfway through now. Thursday’s dosing took about 7 hours. Yesterday was 8 hours. There was a delay getting started because it took 5 pokes to finally get the IV started. His veins were not cooperating. Today was just an  hour. The nurses poked him 5 times again hoping to get the IV started again. You can see in the picture they put warm blankets on his arms to get the blood there. After the last try, Steve decided to refuse the treatment, which was one bag of fluid. He figured getting poked so many times wasn’t really worth it – he could drink a lot  of water to make up for it. He got a shot in the arm to stimulate his white blood cell production and went on his merry way. I wanted to say he was wearing his lucky hat, but obviously he wasn’t very lucky. His hat has built-in hair, so maybe that will work if he loses his hair. Then we can call it his lucky hat I guess. Anyway, sometimes refusing treatment just makes sense. Now his veins have 2 weeks to heal until his next round. And it gives him time to find a luckier hat.

5 thoughts on “Chemo Round 2 Done

  1. Thanks for the updates….just wondering why a port was not used…so much easier than trying to find a vein……blessings to both of you on this challenging journey….

    • Good question Sonja. His physician discourages the use of a port because it adds a risk of infection, and Steve had really good veins when this all started. So he decided against a port. It might have to come to that, because it looks like the chemo has affected in veins negatively.

  2. So sorry to hear about the pin cushion approach! I am glad you felt like you could take charge and decide to opt out for today. Love the hat!

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