Choose excitement!

Glenda at Disneyland

I’m excited!

Have you ever just plain NOT wanted to do something? Perhaps it’s something small like doing the dishes, or maybe something bigger like giving a speech or going to court. Maybe you’re scared to do it, or depressed about it. How about, instead of choosing fear or resistance, you choose excitement? Here’s a little trick I learned at a Personal Success Institute training. When I feel a lot of resistance or fear, I just jump in the air 3 times while shouting, “I’M EXCITED! I’M EXCITED! I’M EXCITED!” The result is amazing. The fear turns to excitement. The resistance turns to excitement. And I’m having fun!! This takes positive thinking and stress management to a whole new full-body level. Try it! I posted some videos below so you can see the technique in action:

 Glenda excited      Andy excited      Steve excited      Kathryn excited 

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