Christmas is Comiing

xmas3My daughter-in-law took pictures this evening for her Christmas cards and she wanted to include my husband Steve. We are all wondering if he will still be with us for Christmas. Today was a rough day for pain and fatigue, and he’s pretty drowsy from the pain meds. But his spirits are up and he appreciates all the nice things neighbors, friends and family are doing for him. Yesterday he wrote some Thank You notes and I delivered them. He really likes visitors because they distract him from the pain.  He’s gotten a little delusional again tonight. I’m not sure what that’s related to, but he had a great story about our grandson Marlo ringing a bell at Arby’s and his hospice nurse picking up the bill. Then he talked about why we shouldn’t have fake birds at his funeral, because the real birds would knock them down. So I told him we wouldn’t have fake birds at the funeral. I am in wonder over how our brain works, inventing stories and plunging us into other realities. I am happy when he gets delusions because his pain is gone for awhile.

In Sunday School the teacher asked us about who in our lives was an inspiration and our neighbor said, “Steve Christiaens. Even though he is facing death, he is strong and faithful, and thinking about others.” Steve is an inspiration to me, too. In the 39 years we have been married, he has done his Home Teaching without fail. Home Teaching is an assignment he has from our church to  visit about 4 families every month. His families love and respect him and can count on him. He’s been so good about that, and he just loves those families. He will be missed by many.

6 thoughts on “Christmas is Comiing

  1. Oh my! Those kids are so cute! How wonderful that they are such active participants in including Grandpa Steve, and that he gets to be included in everything. Life is so rich.

  2. You are both in our prayers always. We think of you often and pray that you will both have the comfort and peace and strength of the Lord to accomplish all that you need to do. We cherish our friendship with you!

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