Christmas Snowman

snowmanI was shopping for a White Elephant gift yesterday and purchased some snowman trinkets. When I got home I wondered about the symbolism of the snowman. Did he represent some Christ-like characteristic or have some forgotten meaning about something? I searched online and actually found that the history of the snowman, or why he is associated with Christmas, isn’t documented. So I reviewed the Frosty the Snowman lyrics and came up with my own symbolism for the snowman. He is all about living in the present moment. Frosty himself didn’t worry about what tomorrow would bring, he enjoyed the time he had, every minute. So here’s a poem I wrote (Yeah, sometimes I can’t help myself, I write a silly poem):

The holiday season gets us hopping.
Our focus turns to all that shopping.
While those around him fuss and flurry
The Snowman whispers, “What’s the hurry?”
Before we start to melt away
Let us live and love and play
And make the most of life TODAY.

So from now on, when I see a Christmas snowman, I’m going to be reminded to live and laugh and love and play in the present moment. Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Snowman

  1. I love you Glenda! You bring soo much light into my life! Your blogs are delightful and the highlight of my day ! My brother was soo blessed in so many ways and you were and still are the pinnacle of those blessings! Love you, Tracie and Greg

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