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mormon churchYesterday I gave a talk at church about the lessons I have learned from going through brain surgery and losing my husband to cancer. I was touched that my family came to hear me speak. A close girlfriend also came. I think there were about 400 people there because it was a meeting of several wards, called a stake conference. I just spoke for 9 minutes and hope I made a difference. Here is my summary statement:
When we have trials we may be tempted to give up, maybe taking a break from church activity, withdrawing, not letting others know about our needs, dwelling on fear and doubt and negative thoughts and emotions. We may feel too tired to pray or read scriptures. We may feel overwhelmed with fear or depression. I learned this is not the time to give up, it’s time to look to the Savior, hold to the Iron Rod, rely on our ward brothers and sisters and hold tight to our families.  I am thankful for the trials I have had and I love my Savior for allowing me to learn and grow.

Sid, Melissa and kids

Sid, Melissa and kids

After church my family came over for lunch and we had a lovely visit. Sid (pictured) was there with his fiance, his three kids and her two kids. They are getting married in March aboard ship on a cruise. They seem very happy, and I felt loved because all 7 of them came to church to hear me. In addition, my other son came (bringing two of his sons) and he was pretty sick.

This morning I got a call from a lady who heard my talk. She felt inspired by it and wanted me to visit a friend of hers (who also heard me speak) who just learned that her husband has terminal brain cancer. Of course I am happy to help. I have found it very beneficial myself to talk to people who have gone through the loss of a spouse. I often ask them if how I am reacting is normal or not. It just helps to talk to someone who has traveled the same road. I hope I can be of meaningful assistance to this lady when I visit her. So this is a bit of a landmark. I am on the “other side” of my trials and am now in the position to help others. It’s payback time, because so many people helped me and I can pay it forward by helping others. Aint life great?


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  1. Glenda, You have a beautiful family! I am sure you helped a lot of people with your talk, I am so proud of you! See you soon, Love, Jeanne

  2. Glenda, Your talk was wonderful. Thank you for your example and encouraging words. It is something Zack and I both needed to hear. You’re amazing!

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