Mormon church 1Every Sunday when my husband Steve and I are getting ready for church he says that he will only stay for our first meeting (we have 3) and then he’ll go home due to his health. So he said it yesterday and I jokingly said, “Yeah you say that every Sunday. We’ll see.” Well for the first time EVER he walked home after our first meeting. I was surprised and felt sad that he didn’t feel well enough to stay. I wonder if this is the first of many absences he will have. It felt funny sitting alone in Sunday School and maybe this helps prepare me for the future. I have to say that I am really never alone at church. I sat by a girlfriend, and many people gave me a hug and showed love to me and asked how Steve is doing. That was so nice. I am surrounded by love and caring at church and I am glad I have that. When I got home Steve was not feeling well, which is unusual. His stomach was bothering him and he felt tired. Normally, the pain is all that is bothering him and he feels pretty well otherwise. It is challenging to see my loved ones suffer. Things I’ve learned at Church, along with loving people and a supportive family, give me the strength I need to get through this.

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