A few days ago I went to campus (University of Utah, where I work part-time) to record an introduction video of myself for the online course I am teaching. When I mentioned in the introduction that I am a holistic nurse, the videographer and I made a connection. She had lots of questions about holistic nursing, and I we spoke we discovered we had a lot in common. For example, she is making a feature-length documentary about “announcement dreams.” These are dreams or visions where unborn children  “announce” themselves to their future parents or other family members. I was surprised she is looking into that, because I have experienced an announcement dream. My first child appeared to me in my bedroom the night before I felt her move for the first time. This vision has been a strength to me for many years because my daughter has struggled with mental health issues her whole life.  When the going gets tough, I can look back on that vision and I know who she really is, and where she has come from. It’s been great. I also told the videographer that many nurses I’ve met have seen spirits in patient rooms, especially at the time of death or birth. She interviewed me for the documentary and we made plans to meet occasionally to discuss our common interests. Isn’t life great? Sometimes we meet people who we instantly connect to. It feels good, and I don’t think they are mere coincidences. I look forward to getting to know her better.

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