Coming and Going

ice cream mom & averyice cream brad & marloIt’s been two weeks since Steve’s passing and I have stayed very busy cleaning the house, notifying people of his death, and changing names on various accounts. I still have a lot to do, but today I finished cleaning up his office.  My goal was to finish it before I get back to work tomorrow. Reaching the goal is bittersweet. That office was his signature area. He spent many hours there and now there is little trace of him left. Weird. Thankfully my family has been helping a lot. My daughter-in-law Avery and I worked non-stop yesterday on Steve’s office. We went to the store to get some storage supplies and realized we hadn’t eaten lunch. We got ice cream cones at the store. Yum. When we told Brad (Avery’s husband) and Marlo my grandson, they vowed to do better, so they sent us a picture of them having ice cream cones later that day, at a”nicer” place, just to show us up!
The grief comes and goes. I haven’t  been terribly sad, probably because I’ve been so busy,  but then my son Brad and his wife Avery were thrilled to have their offer accepted on their very first home. They will be moving out (they live in our basement apartment)  next month. Now that brought on a FLOOD of tears! I cried throughout the day. It just seemed like such a big deal to lose my husband and then lose the kids and grandkids so soon afterwards. They are only moving 30 minutes away, but I will miss them dearly. I know I’ll get over it, and it doesn’t make sense to be so upset, but there it is. Grief is hard to figure out.

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  1. Hi Glenda, I know this is not about me, but reading your blog has made me almost remember all the difficult times and grief when Greg died 19 years ago. I so much wish I could help you more then praying for you and family. Greg had a business away from our home so I did not have to clean out his office, but I remember when his secretary met me for lunch to give me “a box” of his personal things. It was heartbreaking to see your dead husbands life things in a box. so you have to remember him, not the “things” he left in a box. I had a more difficult time when I got rid of his clothes! I still have a few flannel shirts that I could not let go. I will be thinking of you and be here any day or hour that you want to talk. I can’t wait to see you in February!!! I love you, Jeanne

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