bran muffinsSince surgery I haven’t been able to  cook because of my low vision. I generally heat up TV dinners or we hit a fast food place. Today I threw caution to the wind and made bran muffins from scratch! Hooray! The hardest part was locating the baking powder. In a crowded cupboard everything looks the same – blurry. Bit I did it! I even cleaned up after myself. I had a mishap when I filled the mixing bowl with soapy water and then spilled it on myself. But generally speaking, I am happy to finally be able to cook something on my own. I am also soaking wet. And the bran muffins don’t taste all that great. But hey, each milestone is awesome.

6 thoughts on “Cooking

  1. Glenda ~


    Bran muffins! Good for you, it is warming to get these little snippets of recovery. I feel a rush of gratitude when I read your posts. You have gone through so much and yet you project gratitude with every one.

    Your life is a grand adventure, thank you for inviting us all along.


  2. They look like they might have raisins in them. I think I have become addicted to raisins or raisin bread. If I lived in your city I’d be right over. Just smelling home cooking has got to feel good. Wow, and I am definitely impressed with you doing that. If you figure out a solution for identifying cooking ingredients with blurred vision let me know please. Tamara has been having optical spasms and focal challenges and has all but given up cooking. Guess from some testing she may be in early stages of MS. Do you see bigger, brighter things better? What are the predictions about the vision? Is it gradually improving and does it affect your balance? Just curious – hope you don’t mind. Are you using your phone yet? – would love to chat, but not if it’s difficult for you.

    Are you still losing hair or has that settled down?

    So glad you are able to get on here and update us to the progress in your amazing journey. So proud of your courage.

    Hugs, and smiles, Lynn

  3. You are right; every milstone is great! I am so proud of you for baking bran muffins;I bet they tasted better than you described. Baby steps every day! I will continue to pray for your vision! Love, Jeanne

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