Costa Rica

  1. Costa Rica is beautiful. The people are friendly and I am meeting some wonderful people at the Find Your Zen Retreat at the Blue Spirit Resort. We hear monkeys howling in the nearby trees every night. I am in a little cottage by myself, with a private outdoor shower. Weird. It is very hot and humid but I am loving it here, just being. This afternoon a group of us are going to the beach, a short walk away to float in the ocean and watch the sun set. Tomorrow morning I am going to learn how to stand on a paddle board in the ocean. Wednesday I will be going on a zip line in the jungle. Getting a massage on Friday. Then to Puerto Rico on Saturday.  Today in Opening Circle we were asked to choose one word to describe our intention or theme for the week. I chose authenticity. I want to be exactly who I am. I want to be honest and open and releasing all judgment. I want to know where I am going. Taking this time to relax and ponder will help me get there. Someone injured her ankle today and I came upon her as she sat comfortably on a couch. My first instinct was to approach her (I met her yesterday) and offer support. But someone was already taking care of her and they appeared to be in deep conversation and I did not want to interrupt so I walked by. And now I regret that. Is that who I really am? Someone who just walks by? I believe my authentic self would have offered help but my analytical mind talked me out of it. I gotta watch that. That’s what I am here for, to learn lessons. So far so good.image


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