Courage and Patience

thanksgiving-turkey-jpg-1I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely. We had a full house of my kids and their spouses and kids. I did very little. My husband cooked the turkey and everyone else brought yummy food. It feels weird not being in charge of things. But the truth is, things still work out just as well as when I was in charge and working myself hard. Ain’t that great? I am definitely thankful for that.
I have been thinking a lot about courage ever since someone sent me a get well card that said courage is sometimes manifested not by sticking to your guns in the moment, but by saying, “Things will be better tomorrow.” That’s what I keep telling myself. Perhaps that is patience instead of courage, but I like to think that I am brave as I go through this. A few days ago I had about 2 seconds where my vision was normal and it gave me great hope and comfort. Then this morning I got up and did not notice any visual distortions for about an hour. However, I’m not sure if that was because I just didn’t notice the distortions, or if they were actually gone! I am telling myself they were actually gone, but I must say that this blogging session is very visually challenging (double vision, blurry vision, pain). So now I tell myself, “Things will be better tomorrow.”



One thought on “Courage and Patience

  1. I hear you loud and clear!!! What is challenging for me is to be courageous… I continue to deal with escalating chronic health conditions, I have had to alter my lifestyle. Not easy for me when I am such a physically active person!! Courage, for me, has been dealing with the ongoing health issues and not going into victim mode of thinking. Certainly patience is a big part of that….management of pain is another and reaching out to others is yet another. I am so independent that it is a challenge for me to let go and let others do and carry on.

    I have a sense that the ongoing challenges with your vision is a big hill to climb. I know we all have our own inner healer and I am learning to have or should I say make time for inner work…to allow my body and mind to bring an ah ha moment or two in this ongoing journey. I am on year 11 of this journey.

    Peace and blessings to you


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