Time Traveling

My cousin Lee has been visiting for a few days while his wife went to St. George for a girls weekend with friends. Cousins are great! They are friends, but they are also family. It’s like they have to be your friend. And we have so much in common. Lee is just 2 months older than me.  We have seen each other off and on throughout our lives. He was a “Texas relative.”  The rest of my relatives were in Arizona and California. We have so many shared memories. I grew up with lots of cousins and thought everyone did, but my own kids have not seen much of their cousins. So I made sure they all met Lee this weekend. We went to Salt Lake Comic Con so he could meet my son Sid who had a booth there. And my son Brad and his kids came for dinner and a game of Farkle on Saturday. I won by a landslide.
It was just so great to reminisce, “time traveling” for the last 5 days. I got reacquainted with my gratitude for being part of a loving, caring, totally awesome family. I am a blessed woman.

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