Customer Service

I am in Anaheim, California attending the International Association for the Study of Dreams annual conference. My grandson and his girlfriend came with me so we could go to Disneyland before the conference started. We had an adventure on the way here. When we got off our plane at LAX we went to catch our SuperShuttle van to get from the airport to the hotel. We found the attendant to be fairly unfriendly, sort of ordering us to “stand over there. I’ll call you when your shuttle arrives.” When the shuttle came the driver said hello, stowed our luggage and then pretty much ignored us once he stowed us in the van. He made several phone calls while driving and his speed and weaving made me nervous.And the van was in need of repair. I honestly thought we would get in an accident and our whole trip would be ruined. We hit some major construction which slowed us down a lot, and he went to the wrong hotel which slowed us down further. Then as he was pulling out of a parking lot he hit an oncoming car. Well, as my grandson said, it was inevitable. The driver asked us if we were OK. We were. Then he got out of the van to talk to the other driver and there we sat. After a few minutes we decided to get out and walk to the hotel, which took about 10 minutes. Now here’s the fun part: We got to the hotel and the desk guy was totally unfriendly. Like we were bothering him to check in. What ever happened to California? Is nobody friendly here anymore? And why hasn’t SuperShuttle called to make sure we’re all OK? Whatever happened to customer service? On a lighter note, Disneyland was wonderful and the dream conference is fabulous. One of the attendees told me that when negative things happen at the beginning of a vacation, it’s a good sign that the vacation will be good because you got the negative stuff out of the way up front. Yeah, I’m gonna go with that….

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