Cut the Cord

Lawn hedge clipperI really missed Steve yesterday. It was his job to trim the shrub in the front yard. I’m not really tall enough to reach all the places on the shrub, and get dizzy easily when wielding the electric trimmer. But I sucked up my determination and  went for it. There was a long electric cord that had been repaired with duct tape in several spots. I attached it to the trimmer and fired it up. After about two minutes, the trimmer quit working and I could see that I actually cut right through the electrical cord! That explained all the repairs to the cord. Did Steve have the same thing happen to him a few times? I’ll never know. I just know it was an expensive mistake as I went to purchase a new cord. He could have repaired it for free I think. When I finally finished the shrub trimming I dug up and repaired a sprinkler. I found myself saying, “I wish Steve were here to do this.” Then I remembered that sprinkler repair has always been my job. I guess not having a back up person here threw me off a little. Anyway, my spring cleaning has begun, starting with the yard work and graduating to cleaning out the garage and storage shed. So many memory-laden things to take care of.
I’m off to Florida this week for the American Holistic Nurses Association annual conference. I’ll be teaching a workshop on dreamwork. I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends there. After the conference I’ll visit my son and his family in Atlanta. Life is good.

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