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Today the occupational therapist came over to see how mom is doing. He was impressed by her progress in regular daily activities (brushing teeth, eating, putting on clothes, doing dishes, performing the Gangnam Style dance), but unfortunately there is no way to speed up the recovery of her vision. He said there are 6 muscles in each eye, and it only takes one inactive muscle to result in double vision and blurriness. She will continue her daily “eyexercises” which consist of looking at word flash cards from various angles and distances to stimulate the retinal nerves. Her goal is to get back to work in 6 weeks, so she is hoping to find out more information during her appointment tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Cyclops.

  1. Glenda, I am so happy you are home and doing so well! I will stress in my prayers that your vision heals soon, Take care and keep up the good work, let your family take care of you just like you have taken care of them all these years. Love, Jeanne

  2. You always had special eyes that could see things other’s minds closed out. I guess for now you are getting double your money’s worth, you know double the bang for the buck, double or nothing – double your luck. You must have been Double Trouble, lol. Maybe we need to start saying; single it out, single……….. you have to finish this, I just know there’s a bunch more of those “single………” sayings. It’s just my mind must be shutting down for, is it still night? hmmmmmmmm 4 more minutes. Gotta post before Google dies on me again. Hugs, work those eye muscles Glenda the Wonder Brain………… Love ya.

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